A lot of things are different about EDEN CIRCUS. Being around for some years already, the quintet still focused on practicing in the rehearsal room to improve its skills in songwriting and defining its sound. With a clear direction, the musicians went the next step eventually and started playing live along with Nihiling, Zen Zebra, Galaxy Space Man, and Panama Picture. EDEN CIRCUS wanted to make sure to progress musically and to be ready to record a first album.


Marula can be characterized to be post-metal, or post-rock, or prog. You also will find some reminiscence of nineties alternative. However, in the end EDEN CIRCUS is performing holistic and mature rock. The nine songs of their debut illustrate a keen sense of graceful moods and captivating dynamics. Even the songs of Marula are complex time and time again, it is not difficult to follow the underlying ideas. The quintet also proves a distinct affinity for technical details and pathos, but successfully creates music that would work even without these ingredients.


EDEN CIRCUS recorded and produced Marula themselves in different studios to make sure to meet their own expectations. The inspiring debut speaks for itself. There is so much to discover. You always notice new details, because EDEN CIRCUS are not that typical kind of a rock band. The musicians have been waiting long enough. It is high time to introduce them to a wider audience.




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